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Help for Painful Muscle Knots

A “muscle knot” or “tender point” is a tight knot or band of muscle that can form after trauma or overuse. These tight muscles can prevent the affected muscle from relaxing. Trigger points will lead to a restricted range of motion and pain that radiates from the area.

Both dry needling and trigger point injections can be used to relieve painful muscle knots.  What is the difference and which is most effective?

Dry needling is a technique used to soften and eliminate painful muscle knots and trigger points.  When appropriate, Dr. Chernish incorporates dry needling into his acupuncture treatments.

In keeping with traditional acupuncture theory and practice, Dr. Chernish never uses dry needling as a standalone treatment.

Trigger point injections are another treatment option for knots and trigger points. In this therapy a local anesthetic is injected into the trigger point in order to relax the muscle. This is followed by assisted stretch of the affected area. Patients typically see their pain resolve over the following day or two as the muscle knot relaxes.

How does Dr. Chernish decide which therapy is best for you? Dr. Chernish uses his extensive clinical experience to decide which treatment will be most beneficial for you. Dr. Chernish has effectively treated these conditions for more than 30 years.

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