Gregory Chernish MD
Medical acupuncture for the treatment of pain & fertility
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Gregory Chernish MD
Medical acupuncture for the treatment of pain & fertility
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Gregory Chernish MD
Medical acupuncture for the treatment of pain & fertility
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Dr. Chernish, MD practice is focused on acupuncture for the treatment of pain and infertility.  He is an Assistant Professor of Family Medicine and an Independent Medical Examiner with a special interest in evidence-informed use of non-drug treatments.

Happy New Year!  Dr. Chernish is SAFELY WELCOMING NEW PATIENTS for the treatment of pain and fertility.
Call 204-452-4948 to schedule an your acupuncture appointment.

Your safety is our priority.  All clinic staff are fully vaccinated and self assess daily.  We are scheduling patients to minimize contact and ensure significant time to disinfect treatment rooms.  All patients are screened and temperature checked.  Masks are mandatory at all times. Dr. Chernish is also available for telephone consultations, should this be your preference

Canadian Licensed Medical Doctor

 35 years experience medicine & acupuncture

 Trained in China  Acupuncture and TCM

Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, U of M

Able to diagnose, order tests, prescribe medication

Authority on      non-drug treatments

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Fertility & Women's Health

To treat your specific condition, Dr. Chernish begins with a full assessment of your health and makes a medical diagnosis.

As a licensed Medical Doctor Dr. Chernish is able to order blood work and other diagnostic medical tests and refer you to specialists if needed.


Pain Relief

Dr. Chernish's approach combines western medical science with non-drug treatments including acupuncture, dry needling and trigger point injections.

He develops rehabilitation, exercise and relaxation programs individualized for each patient. When necessary, he makes referrals to medical specialists and prescribes medications.


Insurance Coverage

We bill directly to agencies including WCB, Veterans Affairs Canada and the RCMP.  Federal Government of Canada employees receive 80% coverage for an unlimited number of acupuncture treatments provided by a Medical Doctor.

Dr. Chernish is a certified member of  Acupuncture Canada.

Your First

Your first appointment includes a comprehensive review of your medical history, a medical diagnosis, an acupuncture treatment and treatment plan. The appointment will last approximately 1.5 hours.

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Courses & Lectures

Dr. Chernish provides guidance to industry and insurance providers on pain, disability prevention and management. He lectures nationally and internationally on the subjects of fertility, pain, non-drug treatments, and disability.
View Dr. Chernish’s LIVE lecture on “Non-Drug Therapies as First Line Treatment for Pain” at the WRHA Pain Day.