Your First Visit

What to Bring

  • Loose fitting shorts and t-shirt
  • All of your current medications and supplements.

What to Expect

In this initial assessment Dr. Chernish will conduct a full review of your medical history, and do a clinical examination. He will also review your medications and supplements.

Dr. Chernish will develop a treatment plan specifically for you that will be effective, safe, and appropriate for your condition. It may include:

  • acupuncture
  • trigger point injections
  • bloodwork & imaging studies
  • coordination with your treating practitioners
  • referrals to medical specialists
  • referrals to other practitioners
  • supplements
  • medications
  • dietary, exercise and relaxation prescriptions
  • recommended reading

Dr. Chernish's philosophy is to treat as few times as possible and to enlist the use of self-management strategies such as exercise, diet and mindfulness practices.