Your First Visit

What to Bring

  • Loose fitting shorts and t-shirt
  • All of your current medications, supplements and herbs.

Your first appointment will last between one hour to one hour and a half includes a comprehensive assessment and a first treatment.  

In this initial assessment Dr. Chernish will conduct a full review of your medical history, and do a clinical examination. He will also review your medications, herbs and supplements.

Dr. Chernish will develop a treatment plan specifically for you that will be effective, safe, and appropriate for your condition. It may include:

  • acupuncture
  • trigger point injections
  • bloodwork & imaging studies
  • coordination with your treating practitioners
  • referrals to medical specialists
  • referrals to other practitioners
  • supplements
  • medications
  • dietary, exercise and relaxation prescriptions
  • recommended reading

Acupunture Treatments

In the traditional Chinese medicine approach, treatment is designed to unblock the body's natural potential to heal itself, rather than to "fix" anything.

As such, Dr. Chernish's philosophy is to treat as few times as possible and to enlist the use of self-management strategies such as exercise, diet and mindfulness practices.

For most conditions, Dr. Chernish treats only up to 8-12 times. Very severe or chronic conditions may require more treatments, and for some conditions such as menopause, "top-up" treatments may be required every month or two.

Your first acupuncture treatment will make you very relaxed. Please allow yourself additional time for your treatment to "sink in", and do not schedule too much immediately following your visit.