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Drinking Coffee: A Favourable Benefit/Risk Ratio for Health

Coffee does have health benefits.  People who drink more coffee have less risk of Parkinson’s disease, type 2 diabetes, and perhaps, depression.  Drinking greater than 2 cups of coffee may cause increased risk of miscarriage in some people, and caffeine consumption in general may increase the risk of miscarriage.  Coffee can definitely increase insomnia, anxiety, and blood pressure.  Although this is usually dose-related, some people are very sensitive to the negative effects of coffee.

What Type of Coffee Might Be More Beneficial?

There are coffee oils that may increase cholesterol levels, but these coffee oils may also provide better taste for some people and perhaps some of the health benefits of coffee are related to these coffee oils.  Not enough is known to make a clear-cut decision.

However, coffee oils are present in French press coffee, espresso coffee, and percolated coffee, and less present in filtered coffee.

Filtered coffee, of course, might contain residue from bleached paper.

What is known is that coffee drinkers sometimes have a reduction in all-cause mortality.  This means that people who drink even 1 cup of coffee may live longer than non-coffee drinkers.

It is not entirely clear why this might be, but there is some indication that caffeine may contribute to the positive effect of coffee, and that decaffeinated coffee may not contribute a positive effect to health.  This is not clearly defined in the literature as of yet.

Enjoy your coffee, in moderation of course.