Staying Healthy in Uncertain Times There is no magic bullet for prevention or treatment of COVID 19, but there is a basic traditional Chinese Medicine approach to prevention of illness, including viral infections. Basically, health is a state of balance, and prevention of illness starts with maintaining balance. For each person, the emphasis on what needs to be done to maintain balance will be different. In this way, there are no blanket recommendations for maximizing health, other than: neither too little nor too much of anything. The most important strategy now is: ISOLATION. Most of us need to: Avoid too much mental stress, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and other drugs. Avoid too much spicy or fatty food. Avoid too much exercise, as too much exercise can suppress the immune system. At the Chernish household, we are: Slowing down, taking time to get around to all of those things we have been meaning to do for years, like cleaning out my home office and cleaning out the closets Getting plenty of sunshine and fresh air and outside exercise Avoiding rumination and catastrophization (at least for today) Staying in touch with loved ones while maintaining social isolation: Saturday night Facetime parties! Taking Vitamin D 2000 iu per day. Maintaining a balanced diet and balanced daily schedule. Best wishes